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At AMGmedia Works Inc., we are dedicated to being your comprehensive resource for everything relating to digital marketing and website development. Our offerings range from crafting intricate website designs to establishing robust e-commerce platforms and implementing effective SEO strategies. We boast a deep-seated expertise that propels your online visibility and revenue growth.

Our skilled team, with their wealth of experience, consistently prioritizes client satisfaction. At AMGmedia, we understand that each client has distinct needs, and we ensure our services are meticulously customized to meet these unique requirements.

So, whether you are a budding small business or an established large corporation, we have the technical know-how and the right tools to help you actualize your online aspirations. Trust AMGmedia Works Inc. to partner with you on your digital journey, every step of the way.

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Analytics and Online Strategy

Dive deeper into understanding your audience with the power of Google Analytics 4! Discover ways to enhance your brand’s digital footprint using the latest growth hacking strategies. These proven techniques are designed to broaden your audience reach, captivate more customers, and boost your sales.We can show you how.

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Web and Mobile Development

As the landscape of web standards continues to evolve, your customers are reaching out to your brand through an ever-growing array of devices. Our commitment is to ensure that your site remains responsive and adheres to mobile requirements, guaranteeing a seamless connection for all your customers, regardless of the device they use. See samples of our work.

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Establishing an e-commerce site with precision is vital for the scalable growth of your store. The seamless integration of payment systems, shipping and fulfillment processes, and automated marketing platforms is essential to guarantee your sustained success. We ensure that these elements harmonize perfectly to support your e-commerce venture. We can help.

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WordPress Support

Are you staying on top of regular security updates, patches, and hot fixes for your website? Is your online presence operating at peak speed and efficiency? Do you have a dedicated professional consistently inspecting the technical aspects of your site to ensure its security? We can help.

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Many Happy Customers

Kristin Krimmel
Kristin Krimmel
We are impressed about all the ways AGM can make things easier for us, automating things that we found cumbersome to deal with because we don't have the know-how. A great company to work with.
Mary Watt
Mary Watt
Very attentive to detail and quickly responds to messages. Pleasant to work with.
Carolyn Monro
Carolyn Monro
Breakpear Medical has been using AMG Media for our website and webshop design and maintenance for well over a decade. They created our very first website and helped with redesigns over the years, as well as the development and upgrading of the online shop. Always quick to answer questions and find solutions to any problems. Highly recommend!
Pam Rosa
Pam Rosa
The Best Company ever! Ernest is very professional, artistic, knowledgeable and fabulous to work with Highly recommend
A.v.K - StromCG
A.v.K - StromCG
Very experienced and professional team!
Mary Watt
Mary Watt
Very attentive and easy to work with. Thanks Ernest for your help.
Fraz Gillani
Fraz Gillani
Great service and very professional. Highly recommended
Alex Shanks
Alex Shanks
Creative/Knowledgeable you won't find a better company for your next project! Any question or concern is always answered right away! Can't wait till we work on the next project
Linda Hayes
Linda Hayes
AMG media work quickly and efficiently to complete their projects. They give plenty of options and make every effort to please their clients. Thank you!

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