Meet the Team

Our team at AMGmedia Works Inc. combines decades of expertise to deliver comprehensive digital marketing and website development solutions tailored to your business needs.

Ernest von Rosen, M.Sc.
Ernest was trained as a physicist with an arts background. In 1995, when the first web browser was just being released, he started AMGmedia Works with Brian to help businesses develop their presences online. Since then he’s helped over 500 companies build everything from e-commerce sites, web and mobile platforms to automated marketing systems. In his spare time you’ll find him pursuing his passions in photography and dance.

Brian Arnold
Brian has often been described as the heart of the company. His background in customer care brings smiles and happiness to all our clients and in turn their customers as well. His super attention to detail also makes him our ever watchful quality assurance engineer. When he’s not coding pages you’ll find him reading far seeing science fiction or brewing a cup of tea he’s just discovered, and you’ve never heard of … but once you try it you’re hooked!

Ligia Adriana Margaritescu
Ligia is not only an expert coder, but also an expert with managing Google Adwords campaigns and video production. For over 15 years she has helped with AMGmedia projects from managing content, building out new sites, to ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting and training. When Ligia is not building sites she is racing with her Dragon Boat team or exploring new trails with her dog Jack.

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