5 Adobe Photoshop 4.0 tip #3
Gold is a fun colour to try and represent in Photoshop. There are many techniques that I have found and the following shows a loose conglomeration of them. Experiment with this one until you find what looks the most like gold to you.
black and white cup
picture #1

cup layers (1) For this one I started with a simple picture of a cup found in Microsoft's Font Pack, the font called "Webdings" (in this case the "%" key). Duplicate the layer by dragging the layer onto the new layer icon on the Layers Pallette shown right.
picture 2
picture #2

(2) On your new layer (called "Layer 1 copy" here) apply the "Sketch.. Chrome.." filter. Choose the detail and smoothness settings to meet your needs. Duplicate Layer 1 again and place gold gradient it on top of the chromed layer. Now apply your best gold gradient to that layer (remember to select the cup by CTRL + clicking on the active layer first). To blend the gold gradient layer with the chrome layer, use the pull down menu in your Pallette menu and select "Hard Light" as the layer mode.

I've included a sample of the gold gradient I used shown right.
Click on the image to see a larger screen shot.

gaussian blur
picture #3

channels pallette (3)To make a realistic 3-D effect, switch to the Channels pallette and create a new channel (shown as channel 4 here). Switch back to the Layers pallette, CTRL + click on the artwork layer (Layer 1) and switch back to the Channels Pallette. You should have a black screen with the marching ants to show the selected area. Fill it with white. Then drop the selection (CTRL + D) and apply a light gaussian blur.
gaussian blur
picture #4

layer pallette 3 (4) Now apply the "Render.. Lighting Effects.." filter to your gold gradient layer by first clicking on the layer to make it active and then CTRL + clicking on the original artwork layer (Layer 1 here). Once the artwork has been properly selected move Lighting Effects menu and select "Texture Channel #4" (your new channel you just created) before applying the lighting filter of your choice. This give a nice smooth edge to the lighting effect.
render lighting effects
click to see a larger image
picture 4
picture #5

layer pallette 4 (5)For added final effects I selected the chrome layer (shown as "Layer 1 copy 2") and then manipulated the curves as shown right. This part your really just do it by eye-- go wild and try several different bumps. You will be able to see the effect in preview mode.

For a slight shadow effect add another copy of the original artwork (shown as "Layer 1 copy 3") and offset it about 3 pixels down and to the right by holding the CNTRL key down and clicking on your keyboard arrow keys.

Finally collapse the whole picture and use the "Render.. Lens Effect.." filter for an added flash on the rim of the cup. Voila, a golden cup.

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